Our Goals for 2030

Protecting Ocean, Land and Fresh Water

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in Chile, showing sparkling waters of a bay and steep, snow-covered mountains in the distance.
Land, Ocean, Fresh Water Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Chile © MARCELO HAYASHIDA/TNC Photo Contest 2019

We’re facing two existential crises: climate change and rapid biodiversity loss. Reversing these crises requires protecting and sustainably managing our ocean, land and fresh water.

The science is clear. We must radically scale up our protection efforts around the world. It’s now or never. Our best hope for a healthy and resilient planet is to protect at least 30% of lands, fresh water and ocean by 2030.

Protecting 30% by 2030

More than 100 nations support this goal. For greatest success, we must protect places that are:

By 2030, TNC aims to conserve:

  • Icon of land, showing mountains and ranchlands.


    650 million hectares (1.6 billion acres) of healthy land

  • Icon of river, showind a river flowing across a forest.


    1 million kilometers (621,000 miles) of river

  • Icon of lakes and wetlands, showing a heron-like bird in a marsh.


    30 million hectares (74 million acres) of lakes and wetlands

  • Icon of an ocean, showing a wave within a circle.


    4 billion hectares (9.9 billion acres) of ocean

How we take action on ocean, land and freshwater conservation

TNC is catalyzing a full range of ocean, land and freshwater protection efforts with conservation finance, science and policy work. We are at the forefront with our partners in delivering at-scale protections and the necessary financing. We are deeply committed to supporting the ambitions and rights of communities and Indigenous Peoples and the contributions their voices, choices and actions make to conserving the diversity of life on Earth.

Some of our most innovative strategies include debt conversion, including Blue Bonds, and collaborating with other non-profits to accelerate Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) mechanisms through Enduring Earth. This work strengthens nature’s ability to save biodiversity and ourselves.

Setting up camp Photo Contest 2018 Caption: Campers in the top crater of Mt. Herdubreid, Iceland. Photo Credit: © Sigtryggur Johannsson/TNC Photo Contest 2018 Photographer’s Statement: "Setting up camp." Camping in top crater of Mt. Herdubreid in Iceland. Taken in summer 2017 on a climb up this unique mountain. The presence of the tent is meant to illustrate the accessibility of remote locations with modern, light-weight hiking equipment. © © Sigtryggur Johannsson